Q. What are your store hours?
A. We are an online e-commerce company so we are open 24-7.

Q. Do you have a physical store?
A. We are only online to keep overhead low to pass the savings on to our customers.

Q. What is the difference between a Receiver, Tuner, Pre-Amplifier, and Amplifier, and Integrated Amplifier?

A. A receiver is a tuner and a pre-amp and an amplifier all in one unit. A tuner is a separate piece of equipment than can tune in AM and FM Radio stations or sometimes just FM stations only. A pre-amplifier provides line level control, volume control and voltage gain but no significant current gain. An amplifier otherwise known as a power amp is the source of the current that is necessary to drive the speakers. An integrated amplifier is a combination of a pre-amp and a power amp into one unit. 

Q. What is HI-FI ?
A. HI-FI was a standard created in 1966 so as to make the general public aware of the reproduction quality of the audio equipment.

Q. What is HIGH-END Audio? 
A. HIGH-END Audio is the pinnacle of Audio Equipment. Unfortunately this equipment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complete system. 

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon

Q. How does selling my Vintage Audio equipment to GeminiVintageAudio.com work?
A. Selling your vintage audio equipment is easy. Click on the sell tab, then fill out the conatct form in the comments section of the form please describe the item you are wishing to sell. Please make sure you describe your item accurately as we will be basing our offer price on your description. Please include three photos of the equipment you would like us to make an offer on. If Gemini Vintage Audio does make an offer we will provide you with detailed shipping an packing instructions to make sure your audio equipment arrives to us in excellent condition.  

Q. Does Gemini Vintage Audio offer a warranty on Equipment?
A. Gemini Vintage Audio provides a 30 day warranty on all audio equipment.

Q, What does the Warranty cover?
A. Warranty covers Parts and Labor Only!

Q. Who pays for shipping on warranty work?
A. Customer pays for all shipping for warranty work on equipment.
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